Thursday, October 12, 2006

The "Simple" Process

According to the PayPerPost site, blogging for dollars is a "simple" process: blogger wants money, PPP wants blogger-submitted reviews, blogger posts based on "opportunity requirements", PPP "reviews and approves" post, and blogger is remunerated via PayPal.

While the outlined steps certainly qualify as simple, the cryptic sounding "opportunity requirements" and as yet undefined approval process have certainly caught my eye. I'm curious as to whether or not these gray areas will be more thoroughly described after creating an account.

Just before registering via the "Get Started Here" link I noticed a little section described as "Requirements of Note". Everything was going well until I reached the fourth requirement: a 90-day-old blog. Seeing as I just started this blog last week in order to get rich quick with PPP, I had hit my first obstacle.

Note: all screen captures were taken today directly from PPP's blogger page.


Raison d'etre

The impetus for this site, my first foray into the bloggoshpere, was a TechCrunch piece describing, a service which pays bloggers to review products and services. Being a financially-challenged geek-in-training, I thought this an opportune time to (a) create a blog, (b) detail my experiences with, (c) review both solicited and unsolicited products and services, and (d) allow my readership to evaluate the impartiality of posted reviews and musings. Let the blogging begin!

Thursday, October 05, 2006


"Hello world" post.