Monday, November 20, 2006

Meet Aardvark

Aardvark -- for the uninitiated -- allows users to view web page sourcecode and alter the page itself. It's this last bit of functionalitythat attracted me to this extension, which I use to trim the fat offany given page before archiving or printing. Let's walk through anexample. Say you visit Tom's Hardware to catch up on the latest in DIYPC assembly. You might come across a page -- similar to the screenshot below -- and say, "Hey, this is print-worthy".


Being a frugal geek, though, you don't want to waste money on paper and ink on Tom's graphics and banner bloat, do you? From the context menu youactivate Aardvark review the key stroke options and highlight therelevant page element in red.

(activated Aardvark)

(Aardvark's keystrokes)

(highlighting the relevant element)

By depressing the "i" key you can isolate that element or exercise the "r" key to remove an unwanted frame.

(removing an ad from an isolated frame)

Once your finished hit "q" and your done. Your new page is ready forprinting or archiving. If you happen to make a mistake simply refresh the page and start over. It's that easy. As you can see, Aardvark is not just useful... it's addictive.


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