Thursday, February 01, 2007

Microsoft's Live Writer

This is a test of Windows Live Writer. The installation process was simple enough. The layout is simple yet attractive. Looks like Screenshotthey've included the true type font functionality present in IE7. It was easy to add and orient graphics. It incorporates spell-checking, though, its functionality could be enhanced by checking words as they're typed rather than relying users to manually execute the spell-checking feature or waiting until posts are published. A thesaurus would also be a welcome edition -- integration into Word and Bookshelf would be welcome. It also appears that categories are unsupported. However, that could be a limitation of Blogger as I was having trouble with categories while playing with Post2Blog -- courtesy of Giveaway of the Day. As for resource requirements, it's been holding steady at 50,000K. All in all, it has potential.

Update: Before you go and download Writer, it is worth noting that the application is incapable of uploading images directly to Blogger or other popular photo sharing sites, ie. Flickr I ended up using a community plug-in that allowed for the browsing and insertion of Flickr photos in order to include the above screenshot. A bit of a hassle really.

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